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Publish Operator updates self-sufficiently

Updating a published Operator is done by merging PR in to the main branch community-operators.

By default, only community-operators maintainers can merge PRs to the main branch. They will do so if all validation and deployment tests done as part of the automatic checks running on every PR are successful.

If you want to speed up the process of publishing an update, it is possible to have your PRs automatically merged without reviews by the maintainers. The following criteria need to be met:

  • All GitHub checks are successful and package-validated label is set.
  • Operator was successfully installed on Kubernetes or Openshift and installation-validated label is set.
  • You are part of the reviewer group for the Operator in question (more info) Then authorized-changes label is set.
  • If you are updating an already published Operator, only minor (cosmetic) changes are done (more info)
  • No do-not-merge/hold, nor do-not-merge/work-in-progress label is set.
  • The issue cannot be in draft mode

If those criteria are fulfilled the PR will be automatically merged.

Preventing automatic merging

You can have a reason to prevent automatic merge. Just post /hold command/comment. Once your changes are final, post /hold cancel command/comment. Tests will be restarted and if all conditions stated above are met, merging automatically.

How do I set up reviewers?

Learn more here. Remember that modifications to ci.yaml need to be reviewed by current reviewers or the maintainers (if no reviewers exist). Every time ci.yaml is checked for reviewers, we are checking from operator-framework/community-operators default branch. So reviewers should be added in a separate PR in advance.

How can I approve a PR against my operator?

Auhtor is in reviewer list

In this case, authorized_label is set automatically and PR will be auto merged when all tests will pass

Author is not in reviewer list

In this case, the reviewer can approve PR by GitHub PR review mechanizm. Since a reviewer doesn't have a write access to the repository it is not possible to set the label. But there are some ways to set authorized_changes label by our pipeline. The reviewer can do the following

  1. approve
  2. /hold
  3. /unhold


  1. approve
  2. author will push some new changes


  1. approve
  2. make draft Issue
  3. Ready for review

Pipeline will set authorized_changes label only if last GitHub reviewer is in reviewer list (defined in ci.yaml) and review state is APPROVED