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Updating existing Operators

Updating operator version


It is strongly recommended to bump the operator version if possible.

Operator version update can be done by creating a new directory with version name in operator dir without 'v'. For example, updating the aqua operator from 1.0.0 to 1.0.1

$ tree community-operators/aqua/ -d
├── 0.0.1
├── 0.0.2
├── 1.0.0
├── 1.0.1

Minor (cosmetics) changes

There is some case when only some minor changes to the existing operator are needed (like a description update or an update of an icon). In this case, the pipeline will set a corresponding label and automatically handle such case.

Allowed changes

  • Only changes in an csv (*.clusterserviceversion.yaml) are allowed
  • List of allowed tag changes in csv
    • spec.description
    • spec.DisplayName
    • spec.icon
    • metadata.annotations.description
    • metadata.annotations.alm-examples

Operator versioning strategy

Sometimes it is needed to change how operator versions are built to the index. This can be controlled by ci.yaml file. More info

Reviewers update

While an operator is envolving over time, sometimes it is needed to change reviewers. This can be controlled by ci.yaml file. More info