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Where to contribute

There are 2 directories where you can contribute, depending on some basic requirements and where you would like your Operator to show up:

Target Directory Appears on Target Platform Requirements
community-operators Embedded OperatorHub in OpenShift 4 OpenShift / OKD needs to work on OpenShift 4 or newer
upstream-community-operators Upstream Kubernetes needs to work on Kubernetes 1.7 or newer

These repositories are used by OpenShift 4 and respectively. Specifically, Operators for Upstream Kubernetes for won't automatically appear on the embedded OperatorHub in OpenShift and should not be used on OpenShift.

If your Operator works on both Kubernetes and OpenShift, place a copy of your packaged bundle in the upstream-community-operators directory, as well as the community-operators directory. Submit them as separate PRs.

For partners and ISVs, certified operators can now be submitted via If you have submitted your Operator there already, please ensure your submission here uses a different package name (refer to the README for more details).